• FSU Panama City is the regional campus of a nationally recognized Tier 1 research institution
  • The most technologically advanced learning facility in the country opened in October 2013 at 墨西哥湾沿岸州立大学 in Panama City
  • 海湾县’s High School students score higher on the SAT than students across the nation
  • 海湾县’s has a higher percentage of high school graduates than the state of 佛罗里达

海湾县 has the infrastructure necessary to grow quality talent to meet today’s workforce needs. 从早期学习机会到高等教育学位课程, 湾县拥有高质量的教育机构. 以满足日益增长的科学需求, 技术, 工程, 和数学(STEM)职业, our top-notch education institutions have partnered with our business community to integrate real-world programs into their curriculum.




巴拿马城是佛罗里达州立大学地区校区的所在地, 全国公认的一级研究机构. The mission of 佛罗里达州立大学巴拿马城分校 (FSU Panama City) is to create opportunities by providing access to high-quality undergraduate and graduate level programs, as well as encouraging regional military and business research partnerships to enrich and empower individuals. FSU Panama City offers four-year academic degree plans in a variety of high demand occupation fields.

FSU Panama City’s nationally recognized degree programs offer academic quality and value. U.S. News and World Report ranked FSU in the top 50 of the nation’s public universities. FSU was also ranked in 14th in Forbes Top 100 Best Buy Colleges and 18th in Kiplinger’s Best Values in Public Colleges. FSU is one of the best values among universities in the country according to The Princeton Review. Many of the programs offered at the FSU Panama City campus have won national awards for excellence.

As part of a world-class university known for excellence in teaching and state-of-the-art 技术, FSU Panama City offers the opportunity to earn a degree on a smaller campus in a beautiful waterfront setting. 位于巴拿马城的北湾沿岸, 佛罗里达, 校园的自然美景为学习提供了完美的环境.

FSU Panama City is committed to providing students with a welcoming and supportive environment which maximizes their opportunities for learning and personal development. 我们鼓励学生们参与进来. 除了学术, students have access to social and leadership opportunities through participation in a number of student organizations. 学习经历通过勤工俭学在课堂外继续进行, internships and coop opportunities with FSU Panama City’s many community and business partners.




安柏瑞德航空大学 offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs at its Worldwide Campus at Tyndall Air Force Base in 海湾县. 学习的课程包括航空科学, 管理, 专业航空与技术管理. Embry-Riddle Worldwide also offers undergraduate and graduate certificate programs in 12 aviation-related specialties.




特洛伊大学’s Panama City/Tyndall Air Force Base site is one of Troy’s 60 teaching sites across the U.S. 在世界各地.

特洛伊大学提供多种课堂授课和在线本科和研究生课程, 包括工商管理, 计算机科学与资源与技术管理.




墨西哥湾沿岸州立学院(GCSC)自1957年以来一直服务于佛罗里达州西北部. GCSC在许多领域提供动态的以菠菜稳台子为重点的学位课程, 包括计算机科学和软件工程, 工程, 信息技术和医疗技术. 证书课程包括应用科学和应用技术. GCSC recently established its first-ever bachelor’s degrees in Applied Science and Technology 管理.

每学期, 这所大学招收7名以上的学生,000名学生修学分课程, 还有数千人在继续教育项目中注册. GCSC通过其终身学习中心提供客户服务培训.

The college’s state-of-the-art 先进技术中心 (ATC) opened on October 2013. The Center is one of the most technologically advanced learning facilities in the country. The ATC will provide training attuned to emerging workforce needs of the 技术, 工程, 以及替代能源产业. 教育al opportunities will be offered in fields such as renewable energies, 替代能源, 可持续建筑设计, 建筑与工程, 信息科学, 计算机集成制造, 电子学习, 烹饪艺术职业. These programs are designed to increase learning opportunities for students and to infuse business and entrepreneurship principles into its educational tenets.

The programs will extend beyond the ATC and be offered at off-site learning laboratories with K-12 institutions, 该地区的军事设施和社区企业. 创业发展中心, Virtual Incubator and Entrepreneur’s Institute will also be housed within the ATC, promoting the development of new ideas and providing support for new and existing businesses across Northwest 佛罗里达.




哈尼技术中心 has been committed to providing students the opportunity to choose from a diverse array of 18 workforce educational options. 事实证明,毕业生在他们的追求中是自信的, trained in the 技术 of their career interest and capable of responding to a rapidly changing world. Haney’s mission is to provide educational opportunities for all students and the hands on training necessary to meet the needs and standards of today’s changing workplace. 课程长度从9个月到2年以上不等. 许多学生在一年内就做好了就业准备. Haney also offers GED, Adult Basic 教育, and English for Speakers of Other Language classes too.

一些比较受欢迎的培训项目包括航空机械师, 焊接, 工业管道安装工, 暖通空调, 电, 汽车维修和碰撞, 船舶机械与护理. 汉尼是美国联邦航空管理局(FAA)认证, CFR Part 147 Aviation Maintenance Technician School that provides training for aviation maintenance general technician, 航空机体力学和航空动力装置力学. Based on 2017 COE annual report data, the average licensure pass rate for Haney students was 97%.




湾区学校每年服务约28,000名学生(PreK-12). 向另外1人提供教育服务,000 students in adult education and other educational programs outside the public school district.

这个地区有19所小学, 六所中学, 五所高中, 两所合并的年级学校(K-8和K-12), 三所特殊目的学校, 1所成人/技术教育学校, 十一所特许学校和一所虚拟学校.

湾区学校’ students score higher on the SAT than 佛罗里达 and on par with the U.S.


2017年SAT成绩EBRW *数学总计

*EBRW =基于证据的阅读和写作


Some of the middle and high schools offer Project Lead the Way (PLTW) courses which are designed to prepare students to be the most innovative and productive leaders in STEM fields. 通过一个引人入胜的, 实践课程, PLTW鼓励发展解决问题的能力, 批判性思维,创造性和创新性推理.


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